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Photo Gallery

  1. All
  2. NU Health Celebration Fair Day
  3. "Christmas Tree Lighting"
  4. 21st Pastoral Anniversary Bishop Philip E. Elliot
  5. 3rd Annual Black Award: African American Museum
  6. 9-11-16 Memorial Service
  7. ABBA Back to School
  8. ABBA Christmas Celebration
  9. ABGS MBK Breakfast Program
  10. Annual Halloween Party
  11. Annual Toy Giveaway
  12. Breast Cancer Awareness
  13. Brierly Park
  14. Central American Day Festival
  15. Christ Presbyterian Firstball of The Season
  17. Country Club Civic Ass. Block Party Crab Feast
  18. Deacon Nero Bell Celebrates his 80 years
  19. DECA: Discuss the direction & Vision of the VOH
  20. Derreck Warner: Promotion to Sergeant
  21. Family Dollar Ribbon Cutting
  22. Feed the Hungry Campaign Annual BBQ
  23. Fiesta Navidena: Circulo De La Hispanidad
  24. Franklin Elementary School Summer Academy
  25. Front Street School: Hispanic Heritage Month
  1. Ground Breaking Ceremony VOH Revitalization
  2. Hempstead School District 127th Homecoming Parade
  3. Hispanic Counseling Center 39th Annual Gala
  4. Hispanic Heritage Month
  5. Jeep Incident Conference
  6. Kennedy Park Music Academy Concert
  7. Lutheran Church of the Epiphany 5th Dinner Dance
  8. Lutheran Church: Black History Month
  9. Mayor Hall's Annual Fishing Trip
  10. Menorah Lighting Ceremony
  11. Nickelodeon World Wide Day of Play
  12. Promotion & New Hire HPD
  13. Safe Child Early Learning Center GrandOpening
  14. Salvadorian-American Day Announcement
  15. Senior Safety Fair & Luncheon
  16. Village Summer Blues Concert
  17. Village Summer Concert Series: Gospel Fest 2016
  18. Village Summer Salsa Concert
  19. Violence Awareness
  20. Voters Education Workshop
  21. Wic Family Appreciation Day Health Fair
  22. Wide Hispanic Heritage Month: Public Schools
  23. Years of Building Strong Youth
  24. Youth Toy Gun Exchange Program