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Hempstead Village's Water Conservation Alert is still in effect

Over the past several weeks, Village residents and businesses  have received two important pieces in the mail.  The first is our 2017 Annual Water Quality Report, a document the Village Water Department produces and distributes each year that provides detailed information about the quality of drinking water in the Village of Hempstead, pursuant to state and federal regulations.

The second mailer is information concerning a water conservation alert the Village announced in May. This year, a compound Freon-22, was, for the first time, put on the Nassau County Department of Health's Water Quality Monitoring Requirements list.  Although the Village's main treatment plant has the ability to remove this compound, other Village treatment plants are currently not able to do so.   As a result, two wells where this compound has been detected were removed from service and are undergoing remedial maintenance that will allow the compound to be properly treated.  The presence of this compound is not unique to Hempstead Village.  Apparently it has been detected in many other water systems on Long Island, predominantly in Nassau County. 
As we approach the historically high water usage summer season, we are asking all Village residents and businesses to join us by conserving water.  Doing so is easier than you might think.  Below are a few tips that, if followed, can go a long way toward saving water and helping us in our water conservation efforts.

STOP ALL LEAKS – Locate your water meter, and find the small RED DIAL on the meter face. If this red dial continues to move, after you are sure the water is off, you have a leak. Usually, the toilet or an underground lawn sprinkler is the source of the leak. You can also save water by lowering the water level by adjusting the float to a lower position in the tank.
WATERING YOUR LAWN and GARDENS – As per Village Code 136-2, (accessible on the Village's website) water ONLY using the ODD and EVEN system, the last house number digit on the right will decide if you are ODD or EVEN. Watering is not permitted from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Do not water when it is raining.
NO RUNNING HOSES – Do not use the water hose, unless it has a nozzle that will shut off automatically when not in use. Do not use water to clean sidewalks, driveways, and decks; use a broom instead.
NO RUNNING FAUCETS – When you are brushing your teeth, shaving, washing hands and face or rinsing dishes, SHUT THE WATER off until needed. Remember, for a cold glass of water keep a container of water in refrigerator, instead of running the faucet, until the water chills.
WASHING – Try to restrict showers for 5 to 10 minutes (shorter if you can) and when doing laundry or washing dishes, make sure the loads are full in the machines. Also, car washing should be limited to once a week or every other week.
In the coming weeks, we will also be providing useful information to our residents and businesses in a variety of ways on how they can help lower water consumption, including postings on the Village's website, banners, e-blasts, mailings, brochures and flyers that will be handed out and made available at Village Hall, the Library, our parks and other public places throughout the Village. 
The good news is that our water is both reliable and safe to drink.  If everyone does their part to conserve water, we have every confidence that we can seamlessly get through the summer season and beyond until the matter is successfully resolved.

To view the 2017 Annual Water Quality Report click here.  Para ver en español, haga clic aquí

Click here to view the recent mailer on water conservation in English and Spanish.  Para ver la publicación reciente sobre la conservación del agua en inglés y español as clic aqui.

Copies of the Annual Water Quality Report and Water Conservation Alert are also available at Village Hall.

Hempstead Village Water Conservation Alert Banner

Sign up for Reverse 911 today!

In the event that the Village needs to enforce strict
water conservation or restrictions, we would like to
inform you in an quick manner via our emergency
notification program (Village Emergency Reverse 911).
Currently, we only have listed phone numbers in the
system so we ask that village residents PLEASE fill out our online form and register today. Forms are also available at Village Hall, located at 99 Nichols Court.  This information will only be accessed and utilized by the Village Emergency Reverse 911 notification and will not be shared with any other entity.  

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