City Charter Commission Advisory Board

The City Charter Commission Advisory Board will explore and discuss the idea of becoming a City.

Regular Meetings

  • 2nd Thursday of Each Month
  • 6:30 pm
  • Village Hall
  • Open to the Public with Public Comments

For more information, questions or concerns contact the board via email at


Members Term Expiration 
Waylyn Hobbs Jr., Mayor TBD
Jeffrey Daniels, Deputy Mayor TBD
Clariona Griffith, Trustee TBD
Kevin Boone, Trustee TBD
Noah Burroughs, Trustee TBD
Chasidy Kennedy, Chairperson TBD
Marilyn Craig, Vice Chairperson TBD
Petal Scantlebury, Secretary TBD
Isk Irowa, Vice Secretary TBD
Jewel Butler TBD
Rochelle Kelly-Apson TBD
Ian McKay TBD
William Miller TBD
Marvin Amazan TBD
Takema Williams TBD
Tanya Gibson TBD
Supreme Mathematics TBD
Raymond Gomes TBD
Dianne Ralph TBD
Xavier Gooding TBD