Deputy Mayor Charles Renfroe

Deputy Mayor Charles Renfroe was elected Trustee for the Incorporated Village of Hempstead in March 2017 and appointed as Deputy Mayor in April 2018. Charles Renfroe is an advocate for children and community—always has been. His

community elected him as a trustee on the Hempstead School Board of Education in 2006. That same year, he became President of the Hempstead School Board of Education, a title he held from 2006 - 2012. He is a founding member of Bethlehem of Judea Church in Hempstead where he is also chairman of the deacon board.

Charles Renfroe attended Tuskegee Institute (University) as well as Farmingdale State College. Though he officially began his career in the Hempstead School District in 1980 where he retired in 2006, his true service actually began year’s prior as a parent volunteer at his children’s elementary school where he used his spare time to raise funds for school trips, books and equipment and subsequently was elected as President of the PTA at his children’s elementary, middle and high schools.

Renfroe was District Supervisor of security, attendance, truancy, registration, printing, private and parochial textbooks and Assistant Director of Facilities in Hempstead. He was also certified through BOCES as Asbestos Compliance Officer and peer mediation. Renfroe is a certified School Resource Officer through New York State Police Juvenile Officers Association. He received school safety training from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City where he was certified in crisis intervention and child abuse identification.

Renfroe is involved in many esteemed organizations including, but not limited to:

  • Assistant Treasurer of the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce
  • Village of Hempstead Zoning Board
  • Assistant Treasurer of the Hempstead /Uniondale International Rotary Club
  • Treasurer of the Hempstead Coordinating Council of Civic Association
  • Vice President of the Hempstead Country Estate Civic Association
  • Nassau County Human Right’s Awareness Education Committee
  • H.E.V.N./Help End Violence Now
  • H4H/Hempstead for Hofstra)
  • NAACP (Hempstead Branch)
  • NABSE/National Assoc. of Black School Educators (former member)
  • New York State Association for Superintendent of Schools Building & Grounds (former member)
  • New York State Caucus of Black School Board Members (former member)
  • New York State Black and Puerto Rican Caucus Association (former member)
  • Village of Hempstead IDA Board (former member) Charles Renfroe has received many accolades and prestigious awards. When asked if there is one in particular that endears him most, he responded, "In 1979 Marshall
    Elementary School awarded me The Father of the Year and that wooden and metal plaque still hangs high on my wall more than 30 years later. My philosophy is God first, family second, career third and the rest will follow if you truly believe in the word of the Lord."