Sanitation Department

The Village of Hempstead Sanitation Department is responsible for the collection of garbage, bulk trash, and other refuse from:

  • private residences
  • commercial establishments on a restricted basis
  • Village litter cans and baskets located in business areas
  • apartment buildings

Over 25,000 tons of garbage is collected each year and over 1,500 tons of material is recycled each year.

Staff and equipment from this department are also used to plow streets during snowfall.

Note: 10 Garbage Bags maximum can be placed for pickup.  To arrange a special pickup please call 516-478-6268.

2020 Sanitation - Recycling Guide

2020 Sanitation Calender_Page_1

2020 Neighborhood Spring Clean-Up

2020 Neighborhood Spring Clean-Up

2020 Sanitation - Material Recovery Facility


2020 Saneamiento - Facilidad de recuperación de material

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