Fire Alarm Department

The Fire Alarm Department is composed of two divisions.

First Division

The first division is made up of four full time Fire Alarm Dispatchers and 2 Relief Dispatchers. These Dispatchers work rotating shifts to cover the Fire Alarm Central Office 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A man sitting at a desk while on the phone.

It is the Dispatchers’ duty to receive and transmit requests for help from the residents of the Village. Based on the nature of the request, the Dispatcher will send assistance from the Fire Department, the Department of Public Works, or any agency that may be needed.

The Fire Alarm Dispatchers’ office is also capable of assisting the Police Department Dispatchers on an emergency back-up basis.

Second Division

The second division in this department is responsible for street lighting and electrical maintenance on Village property. Four full time employees install, maintain and repair approximately 2000 roadway lighting fixtures throughout the Village, as well as seeing to the electrical needs of all Village owned buildings and facilities.