1. Accounting

    The operation of the Finance Department encompasses all areas of the Village's financial operations. The department provides all general accounting and bookkeeping functions for all financial transactions of the Village.

  2. Assessment

    The Assessment Department is responsible for discovering, identifying, listing and valuing all tangible properties within the jurisdiction of the Incorporated Village of Hempstead.

  3. Building

    The Building Department is the Village of Hempstead's Code of Enforcement Division, which is an entity that is required by the State of New York.

  4. Clerk's Office

    Learn about what the Clerk's Office is responsible for and find contact information for the Village Clerk and other staff members.

  5. Community Development

    The Community Development Agency's function is to plan and implement programs that spur the Village economy, rehabilitate both the residential and commercial sectors of the Village, provide assistance to public service organizations and improve opportunities for low-income residents.

  6. Fire Alarm Department

    The Fire Alarm Department is composed of two divisions. The first division is made up of four full time Fire Alarm Dispatchers and 2 Relief Dispatchers. The second division in this department is responsible for street lighting and electrical maintenance on Village property.

  7. Fire Department

    Learn about the Fire Department and what firehouses there are in the area.

  8. Human Resources

    Find contact out contact information for the Human Resources Department.

  9. Legal Department

    Learn about the Law Department and find personnel information.

  10. Library

    Find information about the Public Library including how to get a library card and what programs are available for adults and children.

  11. Parks & Recreation

    Find contact information for the Parks and Recreation Department and find a calendar of upcoming events.

  12. Police Department

    The Police Department performs general law enforcement duties, and patrols an assigned area for the protection of lives and property and the enforcement of laws and ordinances over which the Police Department has jurisdiction.

  13. Public Works

    Find contact information for the Public Works Department including contact information and sanitation schedules.

  14. Tax & Water

    Learn about the Tax and Water Department and find online payment information and contact information.

  15. Village Court

    Find out about the Village Court and learn when court sessions are held, contact information, and proper attire.

  16. Water Plant

    Learn about the Water Plant and find contact information and learn about the personnel.

  17. Weather Alert

    Get updates on storm conditions and available services